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    Appraising the architectural improvements in Thailand are divided into 2 parts which are: First, ‘Hardscape’ is those structural works that have been constructed. On the other hand, ‘Softscape’ is the work that involves gardens, plants, and trees which will be related to ‘Plantation and Forest Valuation’. When considering the condition of the works during the valuation, it can be divided into 2 which are the status of the architectural landscape that has already been completed. The valuers will conduct a survey for inspection of the development of landscape architecture that was constructed on the land which can be clearly identified that it does not occur naturally, this may require confirmation documents. The construction design represents the original land structure as well as the intention of the designer such as ‘cut and fill’ for the beauty of the land, for example, golf course etc. Another case is appraising the value according to a plan in order to know the development cost which will be the budget for the construction of the project. In this case, the client must have the details of the Hardscape construction plan that contains the assembly list with the material specification, size, amount and species of tree for market comparison, together with the Bill of Quantities (BOQ). Please note that having only a Concept Design Plan will not be enough to conduct the valuation.

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