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    Project investment cost valuation is basically appraising the investment cost according to a plan that is about to construct. As the property valuers, there is a difference between a plan valuation and the term ‘estimation of engineering construction cost’ that is the valuers will not disassemble the parts from the plan but instead, the valuers will verify the cost from bill of quantities (BOQ) as well as the plan that receive from the client in order to inspect if the information is accurate and reliable. However, it can be adjusted as appropriate based on the opinion of the valuers on the issues of task list, amount of work, the price per unit, material/equipment, and wage/salary that can be inspected from the plan. Usually, the assembly list in the construction will be separated into structural work, architectural work, sanitary electric system work, and other special system work that must be specific. However, please note that if the plan is not complete, the project investment cost will not be able to appraise. Moreover, an estimated budget approval in writing cannot proceed either.


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