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    Intellectual property or IP Valuation is legal rights that grant the owner of the rights or ‘right holder’. They are somethings that are above human intellectual creativity which can be divided into 2 kinds. First, industrial property and second, copyright that can be split into another 8 types as shown below:

  1. Patent
  2. Petty patent
  3. Trademark or Brand name
  4. Trade secret
  5. Geographical Indications
  6. Plan of integrated circuit
  7. Plant variety protection
  8. Local wisdom

     These are considered as intangible assets owned by individuals and business juristic. Usually, copyright valuation will be compared to other properties under ‘Brand’ in order to see the potential in terms of generating income of the existing right. The comparison criteria are the rights in the market that can be offered for rent for a similar product or service.


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