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‘Start-Up’ in this era is becoming a new trend that requires support to progress and grows quickly according to the needs of the young and new generation who has new concepts, way of thinking, technologies, and new management system to be able to generate income and famous for example “Unicorn” that happen within a short period of time. On the other hand, without financial support from the sponsors will not be able to grow and progress within the desired period. Therefore, start-up valuation is required to make a road show for the sponsors to gain their interest and attention and creative presentation, reports that are easy to read and understand together with the professionalism in property valuation or business valuation of the new generations. By doing this, it will allow the interested parties to easily invest. For your information, if you are not rushing and keep waiting for the investor to approach and guide, it will be a huge loss as you will need to follow, listen and do whatever they say. Instead, why not offering?
     The principle of start-up valuation may register in the form of juristic or not even register yet, business assets are probably not many tangible as most of them will be know-how and new ideas/concepts which will be related to ‘Technological Innovation Valuation’. Therefore, the major valuation method that shall be used is the ‘Income Approach’ by projecting the ability to generate income in the future. Please note that the ‘Cost Approach’ also can be used as a reviewing method.


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