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    Appraising for requesting loans or to be used as collateral for mortgages and consignment. The client will need to mention all the names of the concerned persons such as the person who requests for the loan, the person who will submit the request or the lender that matches the real individuals. Otherwise, this will not be effective according to the law. Normally, for appraising for requesting of loan, the important contents in the valuation report are:

    Document of right details

  • Inspection of document of right by comparing with the land office
  • Certification of the land location to match the document of right
  • Certification of building location on the land whether is there any intruder
  • Inspection of building ownership
  • Inspection of building condition on the land
  • Valuation method and market information
  • Certification of the appraised value
  • Certification of independence of valuers

      Appraising for requesting loans with financial institutions, we recommend you check carefully if that financial institution allows you to contact the external valuation company or not. Otherwise, duplication expenses may occur as most major financial institutions already start using modern computerized payment systems nowadays.

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