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Meet the evolution of the 1-day machinery appraisal under the campaign, “Speedy One’ Day Machine”, by Prospec Appraisal, now available for customers.
What is Speedy' One Machine? The “Speedy’ One Machine” campaign provides machinery valuation services for single or ​​stand alone machines within 1    day by using the modern McPro application in appraisal. This is to adapt the new way of working with the New Normal. Existing market database together with market research before survey is carried out. Modification is made to the model inspect type of valuation, a blend between on-site surveys using applications and in-office analytics by our senior valuers. As a result, with this new innovation, the work can be delivered within 1 day from the survey date.
What is McPro?
A mobile application for #machine valuation. It is a combination of traditional machinery appraisal with the help of modern technology. This helps smoothen and fasten the valuation. McPro is the first application for the valuation of machinery in Thailand’s appraisal industry.
How does McPro work ?
       It consists of 4 main parts which are:
  • Database management Storing of market database and data as obtained from previous appraisals, combined with Big Data in the market for easy access. This makes the value analysis much more accurate.
  • Job status control All job progress is overseen from the beginning when the list of machines is registered up until the submission of final work. This ensures that every working step can be tracked & traced as well as maintaining the flow of work.
  • On-site survey The application supports the use of tablets during survey. It is specifically designed for surveyors to follow the working order step by step. This will solve the problem of missing items during surveys as surveyors are guided carefully by the application. Customers can be confident as each item will be accounted for along with photographs.
  • Analysis of appraised value and report preparation Once the on-site survey is complete, the data will be sent into system real time. Certified senior valuer along with the data support team will be able to analyze and summarize the final appraised value which will appear in the valuation report automatically.
What kind of assets is McPro suitable for ?
1. Single machines or self-made finished product machines as follows:
  • Heavy equipment type, truck, loader vehicle, road construction vehicle
  • General types of machinery such as injection molding machines, textile machines, concrete mixers of 0.5-2 cubic meters, crane scales, truck scales, etc. Normally machinery size of not more than 3 meters or as appropriate.
  • Support type machinery with size not more than 3 meters
  • Vehicle type such as bus
2. Small Process Machinery (per production line)
3. Ships and vehicles
4. Machines in a large conveyor system
5. Property in the business of machinery, equipment, inventory that requires manual counting
Terms & Conditions for Speedy One Day Machine 
  1. Supports only the No. 1 stand alone machine which means that No. 2 to 5 are not included in the “Speedy One Day Machine” campaign. Shall be in accordance with the agreement.
  2. Complete machinery documents including invoice purchase agreement.
  3. Delivery of work within 1 working day. The valuation report to be submitted the day after the survey date for customers in the Bangkok area. For upcountry areas, reports will be delivered in PDF files, while paper reports will be sent later.
What customers will receive:
       In addition to the speedy service, we also provide property registration services as part of our appraisal service, which is no different from the property account with market value. When customers wish to manage the organization's assets, they can use the McPro service which supports the counting and labelling of assets.
** Conditions are as specified by the company **

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