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         Various assets that have been installed and utilised in production lines or services from the beginning of the project until present, may be outdated or inefficient, not enough to produce or provide services to meet market needs or changing of customer’s tastes causing needs of production lines improvement, or machinery and equipment in providing new customer service including the demolition of buildings as well as rebuilding to be modern and always remain new. On this occasion, the assets sold separately valuation will be required to provide customer service to determine the property’s value after demolition. On the other hand, sold separately in the antique market is still in high demand which service will be performed when the assets are still in the property of their original location in order to determine the number of assets that are able to sell out in the form of a group assets available independently (Used Machine Value), assets that have been disassembled for reassembly (Value in Exchange), bulk assets of scrap (Scrap Value), to set the price that is suitable for the needs of the market. This includes determining the price for accounting when disposing between the subsidiary companies
        For example, the need to move Plant and production machinery from a parent company to the subsidiary which locates in difference countries. Or in another case, providing a fitness service that needs to sell, throw away the old exercise equipments that are outdated, not in the popularity of customers in order to invest in a new machine, etc.

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