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   There are plenty of cases of appraising for using a court witness as evidence which includes regardless of whether in a form of document or witness person as a professional and independent. In addition, this type of valuation can be used even in the process of negotiation before being brought to the court’s attention. By using this valuation service regardless of whether the plaintiff or the defendant, the user is required to provide all the truths of the issues concerning the negotiation as well as the controversial and argument of the opposite party for the valuers. Valuation under the court’s order resulting from the request from one of the parties in order to provide the concerned documents that are necessary for the valuation which is one of the lawyer’s strategies in terms of enabling the disclosure of property accounts so that the appraisal will be completed. By doing this, the valuers will send a list of required documents and information as well as the Interview methods that must be cooperated under a court order in order to make an accurate valuation base assumption. Otherwise, it will lead to arguments and the report will need to be revised which will be a waste of time and money. In some cases such as if the lawyer is already hired, it might be better for the valuers to directly summarize the issues with the lawyer who is in charge of the case. Last but not least, in case the valuers have to attend the court as a witness will be a scope of providing service which will be separated.

   The required documents for this purpose of the valuation are:

  • Draft of indictment or prosecution (if any)
  • Court’s order to arrange the appraisal (if any)
  • Document of right in the disputed property
  • Documents concerning the property details


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