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“We are proud to have an opportunity to be a part of the valuation company.”

         One of the members who contribute to developing the property valuation profession in Thailand. With more than 25 years of experience since we were established, we have overcome the crisis of changes in the real estate and the financial market, and are always going strong and stable. The reason is that we are an organization that serves property valuation specifically throughout the period. We are committed to maintaining our standards and developing the profession continuously in order to raise the standard of the property valuation profession.
        What our organization has always been doing consistently is producing the staff to enter the property valuation profession by continuously arranging the academic training courses as well as code of conduct and etiquette according to the international professional standard which if we try to count the total number of staff who were trained by our company and entered this profession, it will be an extremely huge figure. Our focuses with regard to the training courses are work standards and most importantly when it comes to property valuation, professional ethics. If the staff is not being honest with his/her own profession, it will be a danger and harm to society and the nation.
        In addition, speaking about the real estate database, we have stored and collected all the information and put them into many categories which are a huge benefit for us when it comes to analyzing or forecasting any trends relating to property valuation. Developing the platforms to the world of digital will lead to a better quality of works delivered to our clients for example speed, accuracy and etc. The group of people who use our property valuation services the most is financial institutions in order to use in the analysis of collateral values ​​in real estate which is an industry that has a huge impact on the economy. Therefore, we would like to ensure our customers that all the works that are delivered under the brand “Prospec Appraisal” are 100% accurate and transparent.
       Moreover, having quality branches covering almost the entire country of Thailand enables us to provide faster property valuation services by an application of modern technology. Last but not least, we are proud to have an opportunity to be a part of developing the property valuation industry in Thailand to be as modern as the international level with the same level of standard.
Mr. Suthep Rodjakpai
(President of Advisors)

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