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      The idea of ​​developing and improving new work systems for new generations are commonly involve with technology as a component under the knowledge base as well as existing experience in creating technological innovations in the form of digital at the level of modern applications or  platforms in order to create a new service, a new product, new work process and prepare to launch for business in the future.
        In this case, the property valuation in the conceptual process layer which is in the process of being invented and developed is required to conduct a comparative study between the current market and changes in market status in terms of innovation utilization in business. The important variables are target customers, market competitors, market shares etc. The question of how many advantages will there be for each factor? Mostly, the new inventions and innovations are more likely to have advantages than the original basic ones which when completed, it may be in the form of a tangible or intangible asset. For your information, these factors can be appraised using the ‘Income Method’ by projecting the discounted cash flow to be further and you will be able to find the value of the following technological innovation which will be very useful for those who needs funds to develop technological innovations into their business in which those who are interested will have the references from the licensed valuers with the reliable professional standards.


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