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    It may seem difficult and complicated when the owners of the properties want to sell or rent out the properties by themselves. However, it is not as hard as what you think by following all these simple steps. How to maximize the benefits in order to be effective in terms of setting the starting price that will not deviate from the market? Will the price be able to determine according to the official appraisal value, requesting the certification from the Department of Land or not? For your information, when the price is already set, the negotiation must be effective as well as in the case of rent out by yourself will help you save cost since there will be no commission to pay. Consultation whether to sell or rent service is consist of:

  • Training course on Property Sales Management by yourself 3-5 hours
  • Principle of setting the selling price to gain an advantage over your competitors
  • What is the difference between the market price and the official appraisal price? Apply to which occasion?
  • The expenses incurred in the transfer of trading
  • Analyze target groups of buyers
  • Advertising to reach the target audience
  • Create a presentation for sales success
  • Juristic registration and contract signing
  • Principle of selecting a broker when using an agent


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