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    Warehouses are part of the logistic business sector. In Thailand, we provide various types of warehouse market rent depending on the location. The product target market is also considered as one of the variables that contribute for example hazardous chemical storage places and etc.
     Warehouse valuation or warehousing property valuation anywhere in Thailand. Nowadays, the warehouses are developed as self-storage in the CBD area, a place for rent with a specific purpose of storing or keeping the products and equipment. However, there might be a special condition for each product to be stored in some places which will cause an effect on the market rent per square meter. In addition, other services in the place beside income, are considered to be the difference that can affect the market rent as an overall image that can be analyzed in terms of benefits and drawbacks of each warehouse. Apart from this, the factors that also need to be considered are expenses that are not included in the rental fee such as tax, the cost of electricity, water, chiller and etc. In this case, the suitable valuation method in this property appraisal is ‘Income Approach’ which mainly focuses on market rental fee, contract rental fee as well as the actual vacancy rate. On the other hand, the ‘Cost Approach’ will also be used as a valuation method when it comes to reviewing the price by considering the current land price which includes building and improvements that have already been depreciated.

Please refer to all the required documents for warehouse valuation below:

  • Document of right where the warehouse is located
  • Building construction permit
  • Plan showing land location of the building
  • Building floor plan showing division of the rental units
  • Business license/permit
  • Summary of tenant details (short term or long term contract)
  • Summary of the business operation for the past 3 years


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