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     Usually, a business valuation will be a thorough inspection for those who desire to know the business value in the level of hope that must be ensured in terms of the business joint ventures such as merge or takeover in which there will be involved with many interested parties. When conducting due diligence together with a business valuation, the inspection will have a very wide scope in general so it is necessary for the customers to specify the scope of their needs which normally, we will check the accounting transaction as a basis. However, this depends on the clients whether they require a certification from the licensed auditor or not. The other inspection includes contracts that have an impact on business income and the effect of the obligation with regard to the cost of a labor contract as well as the binding effect on properties and assets, all claims that may be filed on the court or may be prosecuted at the level of a limited company or even deeper to the level of shareholders and current/previous board of directors who wants to know the amount of damage that must be reserved for accounting as back up. In case of wanting to know more or in detail for example impacts of state law, environment, and mass are considered as a special case which can also be done.


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