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    Our appraisal service offers more than just asset valuation, but also an option to help the businesses organize their assets into categories, in other words, preparing asset list after registration of each property. We have a modern and sustainable application, MCpro, to assist during the assets inspection, in which,  scanning tools and assets labelling are much more convenient. Now is the time to upgrade from office program to Mcpro for continued corporate growth.


       Many companies establish and grow as a single owner business. However, when the time comes to expand the business which requires a new venture or even applies for collateral loans. To demonstrate the transparency, having asset list as reference is necessary in conducting a business transaction; business acquisition, merger or joint venture.
      Example of assets are machinery, production line equipment, office equipment, inventory, raw material, supplies, computer software, license software, computer program, buildings and constructions on land decoration, etc. Regarding the new law and regulation under Business Security Act BE 2558, it allows business collateral which is the asset within the organization for loans by registering as guarantor with the collateral receiver through the collateral registration system of the Ministry of Commerce. Therefore, making asset list preparation service together with the property valuation is necessary when it comes to business expansion, Road Show, collateral loans or business matching. 

      Asset list preparation service, we have tools and equipment to make use of the customer’s business. In addition, it will not be just a one-time delivery as the clients will be able to utilize for further benefits. As for the officer, they can monitor, check, post the depreciation and handover to the person who is in charge of the property and asset. Lastly, for the supervisor and staff who use that item will be annual/quarter property and asset inspection, notification of changes in property or assets transfer to other parties and notification of repair, and notification of property valuation on a certain occasion. These are very easy and convenient to control and manage unlike before since the asset list is always updating.
       For the first time customers, organizing the asset lists may consume a bit more time. However, this should not deter customers from using our machinery and equipments appraisal service as any preceding appraisal for the future occasions can be done smoothly even with the change of the personal responsible in the organizations.


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