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        In the form of real estate project development from a plot of land which can be either an empty land or the land that would like to change utilization. In this case, the project feasibility study is necessary and required to assure whether the following land plot can be utilized in which form according to the legal requirements as a basis and determining based on the nature of the land, financial restriction in the form of studying the maximum utilization of land which also know as ‘Highest and Best Use: HABU’ or even studying according to the style of aptitude of the landlord or developers to be compared. Therefore, the level of the project feasibility study will be approximately 3 levels based on the customer interest which are first, study according to the land development model by referring to the highest and best use according to the conditions of applicable law which are considered from the basic market condition, demand side and supply side to define 2-3 project formats. Second, the study of the feasibility of the project form that is clearer in terms of the design of the project appearance in collaboration with architects creating Conceptual designs that the valuers will delve into giving comments such as room size and components in the room which will study and consider in detail about the behavior with regard to the needs of buyers or target customers. Third, the study of financial feasibility will be presented to the source of investment funds in order to support the construction development cost. That being said, customers can use any service at each level as appropriate.
      Aside from the feasibility study for project development, study for buying, selling, renting, loan request, as well as a joint venture to find somebody to participate in the project, can also be other purposes when it comes to feasibility study.


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