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      Shopping Mall Valuation in Thailand? Nowadays, shopping malls have been developed into many forms such as department stores, superstore, community mall, and plaza. The most suitable valuation method to use is the ‘Income Approach’ together with the 2 most important variables which are the amount of rental units as well as the location of each unit which will affect the rental fee as per contract (square meter) as determined by the project. After that, the result will be brought to compare with market rental rate and comparison of project information which there are various factors to take into consideration, for example, the main tenant that has an influence on that mall. However, he/she may not have to pay full rent. In this case, there will be a difference in terms of incentive compensation in the form of a hidden rate that needs to be considered and affecting the property value. The documents that are required in shopping mall valuation are the floor plan of the sales area, a summary of tenant details, and rental conditions etc.


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