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Self - Land Appraisal
InvestMaN has some knowledge in the nutshell to share with our readers who are looking for a land appraisal service. If you already own land, you can appraise its value on your ow...
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Self Housing Valuation
Appraising the value of your home is no longer difficult. You can even do it by yourself if you understand the method and steps of valuation. Only if you need a formal appraisal r...
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Bill Board Valuation
Advertisement signboard, billboard or cutout, are parts of the structure that classify as a special type of building that must be controlled by the Building Control Act, B.E. 2522....
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Housing Valuation
Mostly, the purpose of Home appraisal in Thailand is to request for a loan. The second most common objective is for setting the selling price. Free home appraisal or second-hand ho...
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Architectural Landscape Valuation
Appraising the architectural improvements in Thailand are divided into 2 parts which are: First, ‘Hardscape’ is those structural works that have been constructed. On the other hand...
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Decoration and Improvement Valuation
The only 2 most common opportunities when it comes to using decoration and improvement appraisal in Thailand are first, when the accounts are recorded and updated which will be an ...
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Gas Station Valuation
In Thailand, currently, there are various different kinds of business models when it comes to a gas or petrol station compared to what we used to have in the past. These 3 major gr...
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Abandoned Structure Valuation
In Thailand, there are many construction projects that have already been constructed but failed to complete. These are abandoned structures, abandoned properties or vacant building...
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Condominium Valuation
Requesting for the appraised price of the condominium? Checking the appraisal price of the condominium? What is the appraisal price of the condominium’s maintenance fee? Price of t...
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Housing Estate Valuation
Housing Estate Valuation or Appraisal in Thailand is divided into 2 cases. First, to know the project development costs and second, to know the unit price in order to help and supp...
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Clubhouse sports Club Valuation Valuation
Clubhouse sports Club Valuation or Appraisal in Thailand. There is a uniqueness in this type of valuation such as the membership system which can be both short term and long term...
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Hospital and Healthcare Valuation
Hospital and Healthcare Valuation in Thailand. For this type of valuation, there is a relation between machinery, medical equipment valuation, and hospital business valuation. Howe...
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Plantation and Forest Valuation
The valuation method that will be utilized depends on the information received for example if you have the information on the market that can be used to make a comparison between t...
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Land Valuation
Land valuation, the land appraised value or checking the price of lands? The land valuation system in Thailand is different from other countries. In Thailand, we have 2 different a...
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Shopping Mall Valuation
Shopping Mall Valuation in Thailand? Nowadays, shopping malls have been developed into many forms such as department stores, superstore, community mall, and plaza. The most suitabl...
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Office Space Valuation
Office Space Appraisal in Thailand? Such as office building, office condominium unit, office space for rent, including buildings for rent or mini office for sale, the factors that ...
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Golf Course Valuation
In Thailand, there are more than 200 golf courses which offer a variety of functions, uniqueness, internationally renowned and is one of the favourite destinations of golfers aroun...
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Warehouse Valuation
Warehouse Valuation : Warehouses are part of the logistic business sector. In Thailand, we provide various types of warehouse market rent depending on the location. The product tar...
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Apartment Valuation
Apartment Valuation : For those who are seeking for apartment valuation in Thailand. First of all, please note that the apartment is considered as one of the mutual residential bui...
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Hotel Valuation
For hotel valuation in Thailand, users should have a clear understanding between the appraisal of real estate values together with assets used in the business operations, and the a...
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Factory Valuation
Factory Valuation : Land and factories are industrial sectors designed with specific objectives according to the form of the product and manufacture. Moreover, the appearance and s...
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