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Why is the initial valuation required? Or what is the difference between initial valuation and full-scope valuation?

Procedures for requesting an initial appraisal price

Is there any difference between an opportunity of an ‘initial’ and ‘full-scope’ valuation?

The price difference between an ‘initial’ and ‘full-scope’ valuation.

Is there any restriction regarding the use of an initial valuation report?

What do you have to do if you would like to have a full-scope valuation report

Contents that are included in the valuation report?

Can the clients obtain the appraised value from the valuers immediately after the survey?

Can credit customers of financial institutions request for a valuation report directly from the company?

How long can the valuation report be used for an internal transaction?

Whom the valuation report can be applied to use in a transaction?

What are the documents required if you would like to apply for a valuation request?

What can you do if you cannot find the building plan?
Application for follow-up, inquire, and submit the valuation works to our beloved customer
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